March 15, 2011

Foods I Would Miss While Overseas

 Sometimes I live life in the U.S. thinking to myself, "What would I really miss overseas?"

One thing is my awesome gym BodyWorks.. But being pregnant and all, and after the surgery, and heck, let's not lie, being TOTALLY unmotivated.. I cancelled my membership this weekend.

I wanted to cry and was really disappointed that people at the gym didn't try to stop me or even wave when I left...

Not even a party guys? After all I've given to you?


Oh well.

Those of you who have lived overseas (in whichever direction) know that you can't really say what you would miss from home until you are far from home...

I don't ordinarly eat mac n cheese.. But while overseas it was an obsession. I would have travelled far and wide to obtain it, and indeed loved ones sacrificed to mail it to us.

Pudding? Don't know when I last ate it.. But overseas I became a pudding junky.. it's all I craved and wanted from home.

You get the picture. 

Being far from home fries your brain and you miss things you don't even ordinarily love.

Today I interviewed two doulas. It was quite a learning curve and was a good experience and was the perfect excuse to go to Starbucks. I got questions to ask off of the DONA website. I also went and purchased some recommended reading and splurged...

And thought to myself, THESE are things I will/would miss when not at home.

I ask for no judgment on my poor nutritional qualities.

And they were.

A Double Doozie cookie from the mall. I braved the mall for this, after swearing off sugar the day before...

A Chic-fil-a original sandwhich with a beautiful pickle and a lemonade... It was worth the ten minute wait that wrapped around the building.

These are ADDICTING!

and a shaved ice from Bahama Bucks (with creme) because you should go large or go home. Though this sounds like an alcoholic drink I promise you it's a kid's shaved ice treat. Don't worry.

And I will go large for the record.

Very very large.

Just you wait and see my little pretties!

1 comment:

kristi said...

Bahama Bucks is unique to Lubbock. I agree, that's one of the things I will miss once we leave here. If you and Jacob ever go back to Africa, I'll try to find a way to mail you ice cream sandwiches!

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