March 5, 2011

confession of a phone talker

I have a confession to make. Several actually.

Sometimes, I barely wash my hands and run the dryer not so much out of the desire to have clean hands but b/c someone 'could' be waiting on the other side and I don't want to seem gross.

And that's gross.

Confession 2.

I've started talking to my phone. A lot.

Not like to a friend on the other end. No- no -no. Me, alone in the car, with an open phone and no one on the line.

Because I have recently changed my background picture to this:


So every time I flip my phone open to check if have a message etc. I see her and have to say something. and maybe, if I were weird or crazy, just maybe I have even kissed it once (or twice).

Oh dear.

Oh dear oh dear!

Wait.. Did I say HER?

I did!

We're having a girl!

Folks, I can't even fix my own hair- how in the world am I going to fare with another little girl head running around? Yikes!?


And aren't girls sassy?

Or at least one I once knew was...

(Sassy me  circa 1985).
Lord help me. I'm praying now.

But we're excited.

Super duper kiss your dirty phone with your fake clean hands excited.

And that's excited folks.

And thinking about telling people we are officially going to name her "HONEY BEE" (all one word-ish). Just to freak people out.

Watch 'em drop like flies as they try to be polite and supportive.

Then we'll come out with her real name, (Orphelactica? Oceanica? :) ) to really wow the crowds. (Again, kidding.)

And when people say, "Oh... Honey is cute.. I've heard of a Hon..." I'll cut them off agressively yet kindly and firmly say "HONEY BEE... HONEY.BEE. Like it's one word. As in OUR SWEET HONEYBEE."

Cue the awkward silence.

I can see it now.

 And I just can't wait.


Maybe that was more than 2 confessions after all?

Am I just crazy or does she look familiar?


Michaela said...

Congrats on your baby GIRL!! :-)
Did you know there IS a name that actually MEANS honeybee? Melissa!

Jay and Amy said...

If I can manage to have a girl with a bow in her hair after 3 boys, you'll do just fine!
Yay! Sassy can be fun! If it's tempered with a little pat on the bobo every now and then. =)
So sweet.... congratulations on your girl!

Christi said...

Yea! Congrats on a GIRL! I don't know what it's like being mom to a boy, but being a mom to a girl is THE BEST! She will have Jacob wrapped around her little finger (if she doesn't already). Yea for pink!!!

ashley said...

yay!!! congrats! baby girls are AWESOME and all you need is a headband or big bow. can I please help with a shower? I love all things sassy and girly and I promise to make that coffee punch!!

Brandon and April said...

I love it!!!!!! ahhhhh!!
Well, I don't love HoneyBee, but I love that you're having a girl.
oh you're gonna be a great girl-mom!!

And I do the bathroom thing too sometimes. Not because of the person "on the other side" but because I don't want to gross out everyone else that is for-real washing their hands. :) we can be gross together. :)

nursecat said...

Congradulations to you guys! You could name her Iliketa..uh..its an ancient Indian name...

Jackson4 said...

Yay for a girl!! are totally going to have your hands full with a little Georgia running around, HAHA! Maybe Jacob will have just enough of his dominant genes in there helping out--at least that's what I keep thinking with ours...but alas, the sassy girl genes are just SO dominant! :) She'll be precious, and maybe have a head full o' curly red hair!

Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

oh another little red headed girl running around is eactly what this world needs! YEA! Girls are wonderful! SOOOOOO excited! Our youth at church suggested Jezabel for our daughter! Now there's a name you want your daughter to live up to! We vetoed! How about Cinnamon or Champagne?? There's lots to live up to there! (Both real names of previous students.)

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