March 19, 2011

Breaking the Rules "10"

How do you break the rules?!

As a teacher I'm a bit obsessed with rules- I'm not going to even begin to lie. People who break the rules make my blood pressure rise instantly. I'm like a rule-enforcer.. aka. teacher!

Confession time: But sometimes I do break "the rules".

Here are ten ways.

1. I NEVER drink enough water. Ever. It's my biggest weakness.
2. I do NOT wash my hands EVERY TIME after I go to the bathroom, or I at least don't use hot water or scrub hard... Just tellin' ya like it is.
3. Sometimes I go to bed without brushing my teeth... More lately. It's a disgusting habit. But then half the time I do and floss.. even more than once a day. It makes no sense.
4. I speed on the loop because I think I can never get caught. But I NEVER speed on the interstate/highway. Ever. I am an anomaly.
5. I never wash off all of my eye make-up.. I know... Eye lash critters..
6. I do not eat an apple everyday... Sometimes I don't even eat fruit each day. The truth hurts. Mainly my digestion.
7. I do not eat enough greens/veggies. This one needs no explanation. I just don't. I even love them. I feel better when I eat them. But I don't.
8. I do not give my dogs their heartworm tablets each month.... I mean to. I promise.
9. I watch two hours of tv. each week. I'm frying my brain and it wastes my life. And I know it. It's true.
10. I do not regularly back up my computer. I'm a risk taker. Wild I tell you!

Are you a rule breaker too?!

1 comment:

Jay and Amy said...

I always struggled with brushing my teeth while pregnant before going to bed. In the beginning, I would throw up or gag if I put a toothbrush in my mouth, so I'd try to rinse my mouth out with mouthwash or something at least, but most often, I just went to bed and tried again in the morning. After the morning sickness was gone, I'd get to the end of my day and just be so tired, I'd go to bed without brushing my teeth or washing my face. Horrible habit.
AFter baby #3, I took a trip to the dentist, and learned why, especially during pregnancy, it's important. 4 cavities, one was actually later turned into a root canal. Still have issues with my teeth! My dentist even said, you must've had terrible morning sickness and heartburn. YEP! And my teeth are proof!
I'm alot more careful this time around. Trying to keep some of them, even if it is just a few, healthy!

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