March 17, 2011

The ABC's of Me

This is a silly post just for fun. Roni, over at Roni's Weigh threw this out to her readers. You should do it too!

If you do let me know.

So for kicks and giggles I give you- The ABC’s of me…

A  1. Age: 32

B 2. Bed size: Queen. I think it's big enough and he doesn't, especially since I now sleep in a fortified city of PILLOWS!

C 3. Chore you hate: Cleaning the shower tiles... Blurg!! (Hand washing clothes in a context where it is necessary and the only means of clean clothes...)

D 4. Dogs: I love dogs! All dogs. As in I-always-notice-strays-and-will-break-in-traffic-to-look-at-the-MISSING-pet-posters.  We have one jack russel and one cairn terrier. We lurve them.

E 5. Essential start to your day: Food. Period.

F 6. Favorite color: Currently- turquoise.

G 7. Gold or silver: Silver though gold looks better on me.

H 8. Height: Five feet and 3/4.  Oddly enough I always feel taller than I am.

I 9. Instruments that you can play: I played a rockin' recorder in the sixth grade, the piano poorly, the flute miserably and now just stare enviously at guitar players.

J 10. Job title: English Teacher.

K 11. Kids: Soon!

L 12. Live: U.S.A., surburban, in a house with a yard and a fence and a mailbox...

M 13. Mom’s name: Glenda

N 14. Nicknames: Georgie, Georgie Porgie,  Jirinka, Gia, Nakiru, OMENTUM GIRL, G

O 15. Overnight hospital stays: once in childhood and very recently for a week. :(

P 16. Pet peeve: People who go slow in the passing lane! Follow the RULES people!

Q 17. Quote from a movie:

Angry Sicilian: "Stop that rhyming and I mean it!"

Giant: "Anybody want a peanut?" 
Name that movie!

R 18. Righty or lefty: Righty.

S 19. Sibling: One brother and one sister.

T 20. Time you wake up: 6 am. Ugh.

U 21. Underwear: clean please.

V 22. Vegetables you dislike: Kale chips.

W 23. What makes you run late: Staying up late and people driving slow in the passing lane! Grrr.

X 24. X-rays: Of course.

Y 25. Yummy food you make: During the school year- nothing. The rest of the time- lots!  Currently, the pregnant me is AMAZED by my own yummy sandwiches (toast, turkey, bacon, muenster cheese, ranch, pickles.... It's a caloric bomb!)

Z 26. Zoo favorite animal: Gorilla and seals (separately)

Spring break is dwindling and I must go and bask in it while it lasts!

1 comment:

Jackson4 said...

Princess Bride!! Matt and I often quote that movie, while our children look at us like we're crazy; someday, they'll understand! I'm such a "rules girl" myself...and hate it when people go slow in the passing lane, too. :)

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