March 22, 2011

24 Weeks!

Happy Almost the End of March!

The other day Jacob was lamenting that his marker died so he couldn't make notes on the bathroom mirror.

I wanted to impress him with the fact that I had a BRAND NEW marker in my purse that I had bought just that day for school.

so I stood next to him as he eeked out a list, and I began to draw my outline on the mirror.

I even added hair, lips and eyes.

and kind of liked it!

So I drew an arrow that said: 6 MONTHS.

We got a kick out of it and I asked for it not to be erased for a few days so I could snap a photo.

Sunday night I couldn't fall asleep and stayed up thinking about school... Jacob went to bed early without me.

Monday morning I was REALLY lamenting getting up early after a beautiful spring break...

At six am I drug myself to the bathroom and sat... with my eyes closed.. willing the day to be already over.

When I opened my eyes- what I saw made me laugh harder than I have EVER laughed in the morning.

Jacob had left me a little treat... His version of my outline...


Terrill and Amber Schrock said...

I'm concerned about a conspicuous lack of detail in Jacob's piece of artistry. Is the drawing anatomically correct?

The Miersma Family! said...

ok this was one of those you might like links under your poem...and i was interested in the red drawing i could see of you on the square image and man oh man did that have a funny twist! cracked me and nick up! what a great way to start the day! :) where did you teach school?

The Reeds said...

NOT anatomically correct A&T!! and this makes perfect sense as a link beneath poetry!! Who knew J was so artistic.:) I taught at Roosevelt Jennifer.

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