March 2, 2011

22 weeks and HELLO baby Reed!

  I know that some of you must be thinking that there is more to life than this little baby inside of me. Alas, I'm hijacking (?) this blog and I'm already forgetting things (like how long has it been kicking? One week or two?) so I'm going to share.

I have been eating A LOT. After losing so much weight while in the hospital and not being able to eat much the first trimester and through Christmas, I felt obligated to make up for lost time. And boy have I!

I mainly eat chocolate milk, pickles, ranch dressing, kiwis and Greek yoghurt.  Yum! (not mixed together!)

I am more rested, less irritable (my students would disagree!) right now than in the first trimester for sure.

Today we went in for a sonogram. Everything looks good (praise the Lord!).

And... we found out the gender. But I'm not going to post that here until I've told most everyone in person. Sorry!

The baby kept throwing its hands over its head, kicking and was sitting on its feet making it near impossible to find out for sure.

Then finally it moved its cute little legs and voila!

Unfortunately, when I pulled out my camera they informed me that our hospital has a strict no videoing policy. Boo!! But she did make me a cd.

Time out! Ultrasound? No one scheduled an ultrasound with me!
How long are you guys going to be bothering me with this ultrasound?? !I have a serious nap to catch!

The baby woke me up with kicking this morning and kept me up last night. Sometimes I can't sleep and am not sure why then I realize that, of course, it's the kicking.

The lady doing the sonogram kept commenting on how active the baby was and said, "Is that natural or did you drink caffeine?"

All natural lady... All natural!

The best part for me were the following movements. The baby kept throwing its hands up. I ALWAYS sleep with my arms over my head while on my back. I know it's weird... and my arms fall asleep. So I could not believe that the baby kept doing this (and also opening its mouth to taste the amniotic fluid)...

Seriously loving this baby...


Mark & Jennie said...

baby Reed!!! love love love -- J

Brandon and April said...

awesome ultrasound!!!
that is so exciting!

Mike and Emily said...

yay baby Reed!!! I can't wait to hear if it's pink or blue. Thanks again for the fun time in Lubbock this weekend. I "stole" the pic from FB and put it on my blog...I hope that's ok. You are precious! And that little one in you is too!

Christi said...

Such cool pictures! I love the way he or she has his or her hands over his or her head. See--wouldn't it just be easier to say what he or she is? Just kidding!

You look so cute in your previous posts!

Jackson4 said...

I always loved ultrasound days, it's just such a great feeling being able to actually "see" your baby! I'm so glad you were able to find out the gender...can't wait to find out!

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