February 9, 2011

You Show Me...

What you've done to show me love...

Have added up and up and filled my cup-to overflowing- through these years.

You've helped me up after surgery, in the middle of the night when you had been sleeping soundly.

And you didn't grimace. And when I asked if it was a bother to you, you said, "Never." Even though you were short on sleep and long on requests from me.

When I said, "I'm thirsty", you have never failed to stop what you're doing to go get water for me.

And never held it up, like a trophy, over my head.

When I called and you were busy, and at work, or at home in your mud room huddled over a project or a Bible study, you always answer.

You always drop everything. And say with patience, love and genuine care in your voice, "You always come first."

You sacrifice and let me know I matter to you. And you mean it.

And in all of these things.. you show me that I am loved.

And more than that- you show me what love is.

Self sacrificing and giving.

The love of Christ.

You show me.

Again.. and Again...

I thank my God every time I remember you. (Phil. 1:3)

And I thank God for this last year with you, and for the next, and for as many as He will allow me to have.


Abby said...

What a special tribute.

Mike and Emily said...

just beautiful! You totally got this prego chick near tears. I'm so happy for you, Georgia. And love that you're able to see the love of our Father through your husband. Thank you for the great reminder of the Father's love, particularly through our loves ones.

Jay and Amy said...

That is just absolutely beautiful! Can I borrow it? ;) You are so good at expressing the deep things of the heart!

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