February 3, 2011

Wiped Out

An Ode to Snow Days
(Or the beginning of a great poetic career)
(This is neither a picture of SNOW or ME but it does depict the happiness in my poem).
Oh Snow
Oh Snow
You do not really blow
You let me sleep
I do not weep
When you on the street

Today we had a delayed start to school for the SECOND DAY IN A ROW!

Can I get a "Glory Halelujah!" from the audience?


I told my 8th period that I couldn’t talk much or I would pass out (seriously... I was huffing and puffing)..Is this a mainly AFTER SURGERY thing? Or a mainly SECOND TRIMESTER thing?

Then I told them, half jokingly, that if I DID pass out to leave me there, b/c that was God’s way of getting blood to my head.. I think I scared a few of them.

I think one boy mouthed to another, "We couldn't just LEAVE her there!"

Even with three big incisions on my stomach and my guard up, three kids managed to A.) poke my stomach B.) RUB my stomach (What the heck?!).

So it was an interesting first day back and I PRAISE THE LORD for a student teacher.

Halelujah. Glory.

I will say it again.

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Mike and Emily said...

GLory! I bet the out-of-breath thing is a combination of both. I find that when I eat alot I am huffing and puffing just from being pregnant. When I was 35 weeks with Bella, I had to fly to speak at a conference in California. I ate a HUGE omelet before and was so out of breath the entire 45 minutes. About 5 minutes into the talk, I stepped outside the podium so they could see my belly, told them I wasn't nervous but just FULL, and went on. They were all women so they laughed and emphasized. Now, when I speak during this pregnancy I don't eat before. ha! So glad you're doing better.
PS: I looked JUST LIKE YOU when I was 15. Braids, glasses, large shirts, gangly...awww, lovely!

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