February 1, 2011

Who were you at 13?

Today I have a dr's appt to find out when I can return to work. It's been almost two weeks post surgery. I can get in and out of bed (carefully!) on my own. I can walk around the block without a problem. And Monday I didn't even nap!

So as you read this, I may be going to school! It all depends on the weather.

 I saw a quick commercial or something as I've been at home this past week, and it said something along the lines of, "What do you wish you had known at 13?"

That is an interesting thought for me.

Because life felt SO awkward for me at 13. Incredibly awkward. And of course it was all speeding out of control, and yet, in my mind, was centered AROUND ME!

I was 13 in 1992. In 1992 Ross Perot ran for president and Bill Clinton won. South Africans voted to end Apartheid. Boyz II Men were cool and Sister Act came out and I just, like, had to see it.

And I was awkward. Did I already mention that?

I don't have a '13' picture, but I do have this one from when I was 15.

That's me in the "One Act Play" t-shirt.

 I think it suffices. Awkward doesn't even really cover it. Big glasses. Braces. Braids. I was one hot mama.

But man I was happy. And in love with the Lord.

I had become a Christian when I was 11 and had joined a youth group. I wore big Christian T-shirts that said things like, "Go Against The Flow" and I listened to Michael W. Smith and longed for church camp.

But what I wish I could tell myself? What I wish I had known?

Having a boyfriend is overrated and time wasted unless you're ready to get married.. (And you're NOT!). Who you hang out with reflects who you are and to continue to cling passionately to your first love of Christ. Make-up and big hair are overrated and primarily matter to you ONLY because of where you live. (I think the 15 year old me had embraced this already!) :)

Tanning is a waste of time and will be the ruination of your skin. YOU ARE WHITE. You will always be white... Deal with it and embrace it. And reading is time never wasted. Watch less tv and study a language. Crocheting and drawing is time well spent. Play tennis more.

Turn off the tv. Read your Bible. And Pray.

Hmmm... My advice might still be applicable today!

What do you wish you had known at 13?

Thanks so much for all of your prayers and concern during this latest ordeal! We appreciate it so much!

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