February 27, 2011

Sneaky March, bloated Homers and friends

I can't believe it's about to be March. Spring has really snuck up on me this year.

This past weekend was very busy. Tuesday will be our big statewide English test. So I've been...er... moody and high stress in preparation for that. On top of which, I am the senior sponsor and have to plan where the entire senior class will go on the day all of my students test and I am judged as to whether or not I 'taught' all year long.

Wait... am I ranting?

Let's back that up.

It was a GREAT weekend. I was stressed due to some 'things' coming up this next week, but I was also thrilled because my dad came into town Thursday night and b/c I got to see some old and current blog friends! Not to mention the fact that we all have buns in the oven. So much fun!

We met over coffee, in which I braved a decaf "snickers bar" and nibbled constantly. I'm taking this "increased appetite" thing VERY seriously.

Then I sat by the indoor pool at a hotel and watched the kids play while visiting with family. Thursday night my niece almost drowned hiking my already anxious personality on hyper drive.

Saturday I went to a Turkish cooking class! We learned how to make Red Lentil Soup...

Rainbow Salad...


 Then mixed.

Pilaf and meatballs...

Now just to make them myself.

Then I got to meet up with some great friends for some unexpected fellowship.

Saw babies at church (there's a baby explosion at church!)

I leave you with a picture a student drew of me... :(

Confidence booster no doubt.  No doubt.

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