February 2, 2011

Recent Links and Back in the Game

It's Wednesday and we are 18 weeks pregnant today and our official "Blizzard-like snowstorm of the century" came through yesterday and wasn't that bad after all.

I am VERY thankful to report that school was cancelled (Praise the Lord!). No offense to school, but one more day to recuperate that won't be counted against me? Yes please!

I was hoping to have more stamina and be more rested before returning to the world of work, BUT I have an amazing student teacher who has been holding down the very busy, very crazy, and very jam packed fort I call Senior English and Sophomore English. It's no walk in the park. Remember my recount of a typical day this Fall? That is not walk in the park my friends.

Tomorrow I will give up this:

for this:
*Sigh* As they say in Prague, "To je skoda.." And it IS a pity to me, to be stressed again so soon. :(

So I could choose to stay more days off (and lose the amazing student teacher to a room with... well... a teacher in it), or go back now and have help in the room.

I choose help.

Always choose help!

Recent Links

I wanted to share a few links I've found recently that I have enjoyed. My interests are varied and eccentric so proceed with care.

Hesperian: Where There Is No Midwife!!!  While in Africa I was GLUED to my "Where there is no doctor" books. I also have Where there is no Dentist, Where Women Have No Doctor etc. You can download these books for free. For any science nerd it's a MUST HAVE.  But this one is NEW!!

The Sartorialist:  Fashion photographs off the streets of New York (and occasionally Milan, France etc.)

Home-sick Texan:  This has some great recipes (with fun twists on classics) and beautiful pictures.

Missionary Care
The Family PhotoJournalist:  I love this style.

Enjoy your day and remember: February is the shortest month of the year!

P.S. during one of the many abdominal ultrasounds during our latest hospital fiasco, the sonographer said she was pretty sure we were having a boy and showed me what made her say that... Five hours later (still in the ER in New Mexico), a doctor wooshed in and said, "Well I have good news... Your abdominal ultrasounds all look great! Do you want to know what you're having?!"

All the girls and I nodded in agreement though we already knew it was a boy.

The doctor said, "Well, would your husband say you've been crankier than normal?"

***** I wonder why he said crankIER than NORMAL? Do I look like I'm ALWAYS CRANKY?!**

We all looked at each other and laughed seeing as how I was grimacing and had been sick for two months straight.

"Yes," we agreed in unison. I had been pretty cranky.

He then said, "I'm 90% positive you're having.... A GIRL!!!"

So that means we're 60% UNSURE of what we're having.

The END.


Steve and Pam said...

You found some good sites! I've used "home-sick Texan" for GREAT Chicken Enchiladas when I had no other source! Glad you're feeling better; sorry you have to return to work; and WOW 18 wks already. Hope we get to catch you two busy folks before we head back to Africa!

The Reeds said...

PLEASE let's catch up before you leave. Come over to our house. We were just talking about missing you guys last night. I'm feeling almost all normal now and healed up and we would love love love to get to talk with you guys.

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