February 15, 2011

New Week- New You

Random thoughts for the day.

Today a wasp flew into my classroom, a student threw a fake bird at my stomach and it bounced off, and another student puked all over the carpet, his laptop and backpack and everything else in sight.

It was awesome.

Today the sunrise was breathtaking. The sun was a blazing ball of red peaking over the horizon like molten lava.

When I was a child we always heard, "Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning. Red sky at night, sailor's delight."

I assumed everyone heard it.

Then I started teaching and when I referred to it kids looked at me with blank stares.

And my husband also. Apparently it wasn't as common as I had assumed.

This weekend while reading Matthew, Jesus tells the people that they say if there is a red sky in the morning they think there will be bad weather. If at night, they think it will be good. Then why can't they also see what is coming spiritually?

I was blown away though by this old reference that made its way all of the way to my ears as an orange haired child in the country.

I feel big in the belly. I think I feel the baby move... little kicks that feel like someone thumping me from the inside. God is weaving even now.. and I'm amazed.

With all of the surprise surgery business and all I'm still cautiously optimistic. Perhaps being in Karamoja and ignoring pregnancy until a healthy baby was brought out of the hut has also impacted me... I wait... and pray... and hope in the Lord that He who knits together will bring all things to completion.

The end.

Pregnant Brain... does it exist? You judge!

Evidence A.) yesterday I pumped gas and could not figure out why my interior light remained on in the car. Half way down the road I realized my BACK DOOR was ajar...

Evidence B.) I typed this post and printed it and only later realized that I typed... "ignoring pregnancy until a PREGNANT baby was brought out of the hut." That's just not right...


Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

Yes pregnancy brain does exist! And new mommy brain is even worse! Last year I would be teaching and not remember words all the time! Hello, I teach English! I NEED to remember words! I still feel like I speak a different language than people. Even my husband looks at me like I don't make sense anymore.

And I can't believe you could stomach a kid puking in your room! When I was pregnant, I was so sensitive to smells, I made Aaron eat two chairs away from me (he puts salsa on everything).
That thumping- yep! that's the baby! Just wait! it will get more intense! Isn't it wonderful? I miss that the most! I always wondered what Madeline must have thought about my crazy classroom. She didn't move much while I taught- probably trying to figure all the noise out.
Enjoy this precious time! It is such a miracle and blessing! (Aside from the heartburn, weight gain, and sickness)

Jay and Amy said...

Pregnancy brain has been proven. It's been proven that you do actually lose brain cells while pregnant! Fortunately, according to the experts, (I'm a little skeptical myself and tend to agree with Jennifer on this) they are supposed to grow back after the baby is born.
I call it my oatmeal brain when I'm not pregnant, becuase I am always telling my kids to put their clothes in the trash can, or the trash in their drawer. But they get used to it after a while. =)

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