February 5, 2011


So I made it through my first (almost) full week back to work.

Two days were actually delayed due to ice.

One day was cancelled due to snow.

And I wasn't cleared to go back yet on Monday.

So.... really Friday was my only full day. And I thought for sure I would pass out a few times.

But I am so so very blessed to have supportive colleagues and sweet students who (for the most part) are not excited about me hitting the floor and passing out.

I'm so grateful for that.

I'm building up stamina and getting used to some new (short lived?) limitations.

I walked down to the pep-rally yesterday and immediately knew it was a mistake- and slowly made my way back to my room to sit in the dark and huff and puff.

Today we went to a nearby church to celebrate the 80th birthday of my aunt.

While there I visited and visited and shortly felt like my old self!

Then out of nowhere- BAM- it hit. And I was breathless and fatigued and knew I needed to lay down... soon.

Just then, we met a lovely man who will celebrate his 100th birthday next week at the church.

And in my shame, as he visited with Jacob in a lively way, I had to interupt...


And pale-lipped...

to ask to be taken home!!!

I'm blessed. So very blessed. And pray you are to.

Oh to have a heart like David's. A heart that says, "Seek His face!"

Oh that we may all seek His face.

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