February 22, 2011

21 weeks and how it seems

Tomorrow we are 21 weeks. Self portrait...

That will officially end seven full days of me singing, "Wooooah! We're halfway there!" every time someone asks.

I'll miss that.

Today I went to my hometown for the funeral of a loving, kind cousin who was simply a good man.

There are never "funnies" that go with that.

Every morning I am fixated by the news; Libya's unrest, Uganda's current elections, earthquake in New Zealand etc. Some day will I remember enough to tell my children? Do I understand enough or any of the world unraveling or unfolding around me? It's a complicated world we live in. It seems in the U.S. many people are buffered by the news or simply live immune/unaware of it. You almost have to seek it out. Or at least that's how it seems to me.

In a crazy world, thank God for hope.


Mark & Jennie said...

Hello gorgeous mama!!!

Amen to the last bit...much more in your face over here, which I do appreciate...

Brandon and April said...

you look great with an all-baby belly. mine is more like, "um....no, don't say anything, because it looks like maybe she's just fat, not pregnant."

um yeah, the news about Somali pirates killing bible distributors, why is it that it's on the back page of the news and yet sports makes the front page. crazy.

Jay and Amy said...

You look so cute!I was just saying today, this may be the last time I can get bigger and gain weight and still be called cute, even though I think that is a total misuse of the word.
I went to the dr. yesterday and saw I had gained 20 pounds. When I told my mom, she said, "Well, Ya! Look, he's all right there. You're so big!"
Thanks Mom. =/
But you, well you have a cute little baby bump!

Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

You are adorable! And it's such a tiny baby bump! Love the picture! Soo excited for you to be half way there!

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