January 1, 2011

1-1-11 The loss of a friend: Buddy

This morning our dear friend Buddy passed away in Kaabong, Karamoja.
(Photo by Jakob S. Sorenson)

It's hard to explain how important an animal can become to you when you go through trying times, far away from friends or family. Buddy was more than a dog to us, he really was a dear dear friend. We loved him and counted on him. He brightened many a day, and made us feel safe many a night.

Any adventure or experience we had, he was never far behind... Slaying goats, finding snakes, accidentally blowing up an aerosol can and starting a raging grass fire, the compound being flooded... You name the experience, and in all the pictures there's Buddy nearby watching. All of our sicknesses, Buddy was there to patiently let us hug him and cry when there was literally no one else to talk to.

He really will be missed. I can't imagine Kaabong without him.

Here, Terrill and Amber share about his passing.

Other Buddy memories:
1. Ten Reasons to Have a Buddy
2. Buddy and Daisy Meme ( a post from their perspective)
3. Buddy's on Bark (website) (The article on "Bark")
4. A little (blurry homemade) Kaabong video of Karamajong worship to put you in the Kaabong frame of mind...

We are so thankful that God gave us Buddy and that he was able to be a friend and guard for Terrill and Amber too. There are no other dogs quite like Buddy...

We will miss you Buddy.


Eden said...

AHHH, I'm sorry - why did you not say anything when I called earlier. I'm sorry. :(

Abby said...

I'm sorry Georgia. I know you're hurting. Love to you.

Anonymous said...

This makes me sad. I never knew Buddy, but love him so much because he loved you so much and was such a good friend. Love you, Bessie Ann

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