December 29, 2010

Untended Garden

Poor blog and poor you!

When I think of it now I think of an old house that was once cared for that is no grown over by an untended garden.

Poor little blog!

So what is my excellent excuse? I've been love love loving my days off from school. Maybe too much.

I've watched Pride and Prejudice, had lunch with friends, cleaned the house, organized nooks and crannies, played Scrabble with my husband while sipping tea and eating Tim Tams.. basically, I've been enjoying life.

Jacob is convinced that there are two sides of me. The school side, and the not school side. School let's out and I just come to life. I want to call friends, invite people over, and go visit people. I even eat better! I'm sitting now with a gorgeous kiwi, yogurt and tea at my side. Oh the relaxed life!

So where does that leave me the other ten months of the year?

Let's not think of it!

It's almost New Years and I'm excited about enjoying life to the max for a few more days before responsibility washes over me.

Maybe I'll be a better blogger too. Maybe... Here's to a New Year and New You!


1 comment:

kristi said...

You're doing better than me with the blog! I don't think I"ve updated anything in months. It's hard being pregnant and chasing a toddler at the same time. That's my new year's goal though too - to be better about writing. Want to go out for hot chocolate sometime before Christmas break's over?

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