December 30, 2010

The Ultimate Puppy

Having a puppy in the house I have puppy on the brain.

I have had one post in my mind for over a year. Today I couldn't stop thinking of how much I love this product and had to finally get this post out there.

If you have a puppy or know someone with a puppy, I would search high and low if I were you to find this:

The Ultimate Puppy.

The last I checked they no longer publish it. (Boo!). I had to search on Amazon for a long time before I found this used one and ordered it IMMEDIATELY! Do it. It's worth it.

I had hit the jackpot.

My friend Jean had this in Uganda, and we used its ideas to train Daisy, who we got in Uganda when she was 8 weeks old, which is when you must begin training.

Here's what it is:

-A chart of important growth periods of a puppy (when socialization must occur by, when to expect rebellion, or "fear zones" where a dog can become irrationally afraid of say, the wind, a vacuum cleaner or lawn mower etc. (There are actually phases where this can occur!.))

- Six books with easy to follow step by step pictures of how to train your dog in different important arenas (Socialization, Housetraining, Games (my favorite), Juvenile training (Your puppy like your teen will rebel and needs extra rules and regularity at a certain age), Prevention etc.)

I LOVE this tool kit!!!

Here's why I love it:

Easy to follow pictures (even kids can train a dog)

It's effective!

Daisy learned to:

Drop it
Leave it
Take it (Imagine you're on a walk and she goes for a dead bird, "Drop it!" "Leave it!".. Perrrfect... Also, you're at home and you drop something scrumptuous, after this training, one "Leave it..." makes her not willing to even pick up a T-bone. Seriously. You have control and your pet loves you and trusts you.)
Find it. (We hide toys, treats, or eachother! She loves to play this "hide and seek" game. This was really really important to me in Africa, if I ever felt that there was a person say in our compound, or even if I thought Jacob had been hurt, I could say "Find Jacob" or "Find it!" and she would begin her search (which for her was a game) and would sniff and look in every nook and cranny excitedly. If there had been someone anywhere she would have found them!!)
Which hand?
Shake etc.
She learned our names
She is perfectly housetrained
She always always always stop when we tell her to and ALWAYS comes when called
(I never knew before to NEVER call a dog for something negative (we pick her up for negative things like "going out", "getting a bath" etc.). We only call her for positive things, and as a puppy always treated or praised her for responding.

Now, even though she's a terrier, if she sees a cat in our front yard and darts for it, calling her ONCE she will freeze in her tracks and come to us. As a puppy she learned that it is ALWAYS beneficial to
a.) please her master (treats, praise, food etc.) and
b.)it is ALWAYS positive to come when called.

If we occasionally called her over to reprimand her, then in those split instances (by  a busy road, with a cat across the street etc.) when we would call her she may instead think in her mind, are they going to reprimand me or treat me? She may then decide it's more beneficial to chase the cat rather than face a possible reprimand. So always call her good things only, and always praise when a dog responds (even half-heartedly).

I have owned many many pets and had never done this.

This is such a great thing and makes me feel very confident when we have Daisy outside. I always know she will come. Mind you, I grew up chasing our dogs down the block screaming desperately, their tongues hanging out and their eyes wild with excitement as I made a fool of myself. I love that this never ever ever happens with her.

Where we failed...

This method requires you to be in civilization, which we were in many ways not. We totally failed the socialization aspect, which must be covered before a certain period.

Check this out.

Let your dog visit with other FRIENDLY dogs (ha!) not where we lived! And let your dog interact with friendly people as much as possible... People tried to stomp on her head, threw rocks at her and basically hated dogs. The people we were around did not want to touch a dog and wanted to make sure the dog knew to fear them... perrrrfect.... So all of our friends will atest to the fact that this is where we failed. Daisy is not "socialized" and growls and hides from anyone... Failures. Yep.

This is a long review, but if you or someone you know has a puppy, will have a puppy or just wants to know about puppies this is the way to go! Especially if you have children or want them to be involved in training.
Best to you!

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Brandon and April said...

I love that you are so passionate about this.

I'm not a dog person. :) Don't hate me.
But I appreciate that you are so passionate about caring for your dog.
Which I think means you are going to be an even more awesome parent someday!

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