December 29, 2010

"Trixie" says Pweeeaaazzzzeee!?

I have a heart for animals. A big, huge, aching and bleeding heart for animals.

So sue me.

A prerequisite for a husband was someone who could stand my phone calls while speeding down the interstate almost in tears because I saw a little helpless fawn on the side of the road without its mother.

It's what I need.

It's me people. Deal.

Jacob is beyond perfect for this category. My heart almost melted when we were driving to Oklahoma a few months ago and speeding along we barrelled over a huge turtle in the middle of the highway. My heart broke. He doesn't stand a chance against modern society! Wah! Etc.

Without thinking Jacob came to a screeching halt, made a u-turn as fast as he safely could, screeched to a stop in a ditch and ran and saved the turtle, all while I stood and cheered.

Now that's a man. My man! He knows what I need and is willing to be so sweet and loving for me. Thanks J!

So it goes without saying that if you love your pets, we're the neighbors you should pray for. Strays don't stay stray with me around.

As is fitting with this situation, in the past week we have had 2 stray dogs in our backyard. One little mini pinscher, came so often that we learned his name, called his owners and have had him multiple times because he keeps escaping.

The other evening we went for a walk and saw the tiniest ball of fur, a little muppet if you will, scurrying down the street. A little puppy, no more than 8 or 9 weeks old, surely just weaned from its mother. I squated down and she cam running up ecstatic to have found a friend.

She's so sweet! And homeless! We've been calling her Trixie and she is all puppy.

The only place she will stay still is in my arms and with my 50mm that means I couldn't get my arm out far enough to get ONE focused picture.

Take my word for it, she smells like puppy, has that soft little puppy tummy, little puppy paws and puppy teeth and is sweet and docile.

Trixie needs a home!

We've hung signs up all over our neighborhood and went door to door. She's been with us for 3 days and we have a small backyard and two dogs already...

So.... Trixie has a question for you...

"Will you pweeeaazzzee take me home?!"

What do ya' say?!  And.. what in the world do you guys think she is?? She's the size of a chihuahua but doesn't have that kind of face.

P.S. I didn't take the time to resize these at all. Sorry Terrill and Amber!

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