December 14, 2010

Post Schmost

Long time no type.

I should post more often but it's been busy. Lame excuse right? You have my permission to fake slap me the next time you fake see me. Make it dramatic.

Last night marked the end of the Perspectives course. It was time consuming BUT wonderful. I've been reading EVERY Saturday for about 5-6 hours. Then Monday nights were full too. I'm tired!

Exercise wise I've been a lump. Like of sugar only not as evenly white all over.

Finals are this week. I'm almost giddy at the light at the end of this tunnel. Oh Christmas, come soon and stay long.

Today as far as teaching goes I was in a "If mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy" mood and even more so I was in a "Just leave mama ALONE" mood!

Tonight we had Thai food. It was good. Scrump-didli-umptious.

I must go bathe the squirrels and paint the mini-golf course.



Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

Yea! We made it to Christmas! Enjoy your time off from grading and planning and "babysitting"!I know I will!

Jen said...

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas break!

Jay and Amy said...

I have missed your posts, but I haven't been much better, so I can't complain. Enjoy your time off!
We are heading to Dimmitt on Monday, but only gonna be there til Wed. I had thought about seeing if you and Jacob could meet us for our interview, but I'm not sure that gives us enough time wihtou hearing the grandma gripe about leaving her. But I'll let you know.

And if you'll be up the Dimmitt way, let me know!

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