December 25, 2010


This year there will be no presents in the Reed household.

We didn't have a tree up until today, Christmas Eve, and that is only because we are having Christmas with my family here tomorrow and it seemed like a tree was needed.

It's just been a stressful time. I don't have pictures because I haven't been taking any.

I'm cooking the turkey tomorrow, and though I've done it before it's always a stressful procedure.

I cooked two recipes of dressing this year, our family recipe as much as I could by memory, and Paula Dean's recipe... We'll see how that goes!

The thing is, this may be one of my favorite Christmases. It's so nice to not be stressed or distracted by present buying and decorating.

It's nice just to be able to focus on the reason for this time off from work, this holiday- or holy day.

I pray that you are able to take a break from the stress in your life, and all of the demands, and spend time working on talking with the one person that matters.

Merry Christmas-

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Jay and Amy said...

We didnt' make a fuss over presents this year either, just the presents for the kids,and it was so nice to not get caught up in the mess of gifts, and to focus on the gift of Jesus. Hope your dinner was wonderful and your Christmas a blessing!

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