November 28, 2010

Days Off

The problem with vacations and holidays is that they have to end. :(

But I only have two weeks left of Perspective's readings and today is committed to working on the paper for that course.

Blessings to you all & Looking forward to Christmas,


Jay and Amy said...

You said who knows how many "adopters" or "Missionaries" I might be raising. I had to share with you what God said to me.
Two days after I found out I was pregnant, I was still crying and struggling. I went to church and I don't know what the song was, but it said something about glorifying God and at that moment He spoke to me, "Amy, I didn't give you this to add to your burdens. I didn't even give this to you to bless YOU. I gave you another missionary to love and to raise for MY glory!"
I know this baby is going to be an incredible person for God's Kingdom, and that is what ultimately made me stop feeling sorry for myself. That this child is for God's glory, and their life will be lived for His glory! And He has told me I am raising more than one missionary. What a blessing!

Jackson4 said...

G-been absent for a while, but enjoyed catching up on your blog. Dusted off my running shoes yesterday, and am ready to get down with it. Let's plan a race together sometime?! (You'll oh so totally smoke me!)

Jackson4 said...

Ummm, I said I dusted them off YESTERDAY!! Crazy...I did the week 2 workout of the couch potato to 5k...ya, I don't see me smokin' you anytime soon! And you may be smokin sausage and cheese, but I've been stuffing my mouth full of all kinds of stuff the past several months! :)

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