November 2, 2010

The Answer To a Wiggy Mystery

Drum roll please!

We were....

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boy (he was missing his official sidekick).

Obviously, right? Ha!

What fun!

I was doing homework and asked him to pick me up a strawberry blonde wig.  And I got a BLONDE BOMBSHELL wig instead!! I felt hillarious in a Marilyn Monroe wig as a teenaged detective!

The odd thing for us was that so many people said they had never read either Nancy Drew OR the Hardy Boys!

We BOTH loved these books, and I read the ENTIRE Nancy Drew Case Series (both the original and the new) and he read the entire Hardy Boys series...

Sweet ain't it?

Here we are acting scared... you know, like on a 1950's mystery book cover.

Don't be mean. It made sense to us at the time.

Or at least I think it did.

We were "meant to be"! What a match!


Brandon and April said...

ya'll are too cute!!
yeah, I haven't read either. but I'm positive that if I had, it would have been clearly obvious who you were!! :)

kristi said...

I LOVED Nancy Drew when I was a kid. Honestly, I haven't read any Nancy Drew books in almost twenty years... wow, I had to think about that. Now I feel old. For the longest time that was all I read. She was awesome.

Great costume!!

Leslie said...

Awesome.....simply awesome!!

The Reeds said...


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