October 4, 2010

Second Chances

 Aren't second chances just great? I'm sure we all love them, because we all screw up and all need them. I know I do!

I also love inspirational stories..  Check out these awesome stories that are inspirational and are all about getting a second start on life.   People get a second start on life.
 All of these stories are inspirational. But this story is my favorite.
Donald got a heart transplant and now wants to run a marathon in all states to support and raise awareness for tissue and organ donors. It's a GREAT story and I think you'll be really encouraged if you watch it! You can even skip ahead to it. So heartwarming!

We need heartwarming int his world don't we?

Yes we do!

 If you knew you could "start over" in your life, what would you do? 

I think I would do do something with science. Become a vet? A nurse?  I love biology and science and vacillate between wanting to be really artsy and wanting to dive into science.

I've also secretly always wanted to lead tour guides down the Grand Canyon. Being on a donkey all day in the sun, with people who are on holiday sounds great to me!

Hee-haw to second chances!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you ... Second chances, are maybe the real chances of life ?!

Sorry for the english a bit rough, I'm a french blogger !

Misti said...

check out another blog...young single girl living in Jinja, loving that Karamajong. You may have heard of her before?

"The Journey"

Anonymous said...

I just watched them all! How inspiring.

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