October 3, 2010


Hi friends!

I've been reading for hours for my Perspectives class. This book is really good.

I wanted to share a great article I read by Floyd McClung, "Apostolic Passion".

There are no pictures in this post and no funnies. So you've been warned.

My summaries/points.

1. Apostolic passion is the "deliberate, intentional choice to live for the worship of Jesus in the nations...to the point of death".

2. Ways to lose it include: making decisions based on danger... not spending quiet time dreaming of God's glory...

3. How to get it? Choose it!

4. "Too many people want the fruit of Paul's ministry without paying the price that Paul paid. He died....to everything..daily...He abandoned his life...himself."

5. Praying for a few minutes a day doesn't prepare you and doesn't cut it for living a passionate and effective life for the Lord. (Ouch...)

6. "There are too many over-fed, under-motivated Christians hiding behind the excuse that God has not spoken to them." (Double ouch!)

7. If you have apostolic passion- you "live as a pilgrim, unattached to the cares of this world."

I have been thoroughly encouraged, challenged and inspired. Thank you Mr. McClung!
If you stuck with me through that then my hat's off to you!

I know that this type of post may turn many people off to this blog or to me in general. But that's nothing new to me! This though is important to me and is, well, what I'm passionate about. I hope you are too!

Any thoughts?


Shannon said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts on this article. Just because I'm already living overseas doesn't mean I'm detached from this world, so this was a good reminder. My toes hurt.

Misti said...

I sat down to blog my thoughts, and clicked your link while my page was loading. I hope it's okay that I put a link to your blog and copied your thoughts from your Perspectives book. When you have some moments alone, check out my linked blog Sullivan Four and read down a few posts--part 1 and part 2 and the memoir.
Perspective--in one sense. The writer is in my Esther study.

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