September 26, 2010

Wonky World: Bloom Workshop

Hi guys!!

As you know I drove by those bonker legs and went to a photography workshop yesterday called Bloom.

I was so glad to finally understand that fstop is the same as aperture. Hello! How have I missed that for so long? I learned a lot- but still have a lot to learn!

Jana's daughter was our model. She's only 9 and isn't she beautiful?

I was even surprised by how grown up she looks in some of the photos. Just beautiful!

Here I go breaking the rule of 3rds. I'm such a rebel!

However, since I still have so much to learn, I kept ending up with too much yellow in my pictures and I really couldn't figure out how to fix it in photoshop... Any ideas??


*P.S. Jana- Last night when I got home and went to upload pictures blogger has updated and lets you update multiple pics at once. What are the chances since we had JUST talked about this?!


Jen said...

Awesome! I'm hoping to take another class this fall!

Brandon and April said...

great job Georgia!!
are you shooting in raw? if so, using the raw window I always use temperature, tint, and split toning to adjust any oversaturation of yellow or magenta! :)
if you aren't shooting in raw, DO IT! it gives you so many more editing options!

The Reeds said...

I'm so scared of raw!! I can't get them to open up in CS4 either.

Brandon and April said...

hrmmmm... weird. dunno, I'm oldsckool with cs3.
and scared of raw? why oh why?!

The Reeds said...

I think the fact that they wouldn't work in CS4 scared me.. and that they're so huge. I need you to teach me!

and Jen- where's your workshop?? Do share what you learn!!

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