September 5, 2010

A Very Special Lady

There's only one thing I love more than a three day weekend... Spending time with people I love on a three day weekend!

We celebrated Jacob's grandmother's 90th birthday at the farm this weekend.

It was so wonderful!

While at the Texas Rose, we asked a friendly waitress to take our picture. She tried to maneover
herself between a booth to take us all in.

As she strained and squinted she said, "Will the little girl in the blue shirt please scoot back so I can see the pretty lady in pink?"

Everyone was talking.

They were having such a great time!

I looked around to see who she was referring to so I could help the waitress out and get her moving on to passing out scrumptious rolls.

As I looked around I slowly realized... I wanted another honey buttered roll. STAT.

I also realized...

Just who the little girl was. Gulp.

I celebrated by eating every type of dessert present: Key Lime pie, Coconut cream pie, and chocolate cake... It was the least I could do.

I am now in stretch pants with a very elastic band.

Then it was back to the farm.

The normal farm. Not the funny one.

Sometimes blurry is best... Love... It's the best gift isn't it?

I now present to you- the latest Cabela's model.

Free for shooting sessions!

And check out these beautiful babes!

And someone very special from very far away was able to visit via video chatting. Isn't technology great?!

Happy birthday Nettie. You're beautiful and loved!!

Enjoy your three day weekend!

P.s. I'm contemplating a return to running or exercise in general. Writing this post script is supposed to be some form of accountability... Gah!


Bekah Schaub said...

I love seeing those beautiful familiar faces! What a wonderful family, Georgia! :)
I'm probably going to blog a bit of accountability for myself too... ;) Is it public shame that keeps us honest or just the fact that we've made a pledge? Hopefully it's the pledge, but if not... the shame could spur us on too, huh?

The Reeds said...

Anything that works!

Jennie said... reborn runner on hiatus?? I've just settled in & need to begin a routine again as well. Went on a fast walk today...felt good. Did about 10 minutes of Pilates a few days back & plan to do again this afternoon...its a start, right?

The Reeds said...

I've been thinking a lot about reviving the Reborn Runner.. I NEED it. Would you be there with me?? Maybe Jennie Chlo could be my fitness buddy??? (Would she have a fitness blog too???)

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