September 28, 2010

Stressballs and Teeth Aglow

Today is Tuesday!

It seemed like everyone I came across today was a stressball... Maybe because I was a stressball just streaking (fully clothed) through my day. Rolling around knocking people over.

I wanted to share some valuable lessons I've been learning from Perspectives. Each week I have about 40 pages of reading and it's ALL GOOD. So if I used the book and my notes I knew it would be too much info, so I'm just going to summarize.

1. We have to seek every day to make God BIGGER and ourselves SMALLER. This seems obvious but sometimes the most basic thing are the ones we struggle with!

If we're bigger than God (in our minds) we worry more and stress about small details.. Umm... That's me. Remember the stress ball?

When I'm in control I become a ball of madness. Picture it. A hyper, freakish ball of fury. That's me!

2. The first two steps toward idolatry are: Lack of giving thanks and lack of praise... That hit me like a ton of bricks!! You are sliding away from the Lord by doing NOTHING. I'm VERY GOOD at doing NOTHING.


I say it again, YIKES.

How much better would your life be if you were more thankful and praised God for the wonderful gifts in your life?

Much better.

Much less stress-ballish.

On a side note away from Perspectives, I hate having my picture taken as much as the next guy.

But at this photography workshop it was pretty much a given. I had a blemish upon my brow..  So I took it upon myself to photoshop it out.

The result really made me giggle. There was once a FRIENDS episode where Ross bleached his teeth way more than the right amount for a blind date. The date turned off the lights and turned on a black light and his teeth lit up the room...

Who needs a flashlight when you have these teeth?

Are you ever a stress-ball at the end of your day?


Stace said...

That is a great picture of you! Thanks for the word on stress....needed that this morning.

Jen said...

Lovely photo! Oh, yes, I tend to be a stress ball. I'm working on it but I'm not there!

Lindsey said...

I'm so excited you're taking Perspectives! I took it when we were in Lubbock and Jon took it in Austin.

Couldn't be more appropriately named, could it? But I'm QUITE sure you didn't need your perspective changed as I did (and still do).

The Reeds said...

I don't know Lindsey, I'm learning SO much day by day!

Maybe there should be a stressers anonymous??

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