September 17, 2010

Seriously Delirious?

Hola amigos!
Happy Weekend to each of you!

This morning I came in and booted up my school e-mail to find the following e-mail from the office...



                  That is exactly what you’re supposed to do. (lol)

I was baffled... Genuinely baffled.

What in the world was she talking about?

Then I scrolled down and read my own e-mail.

And the light came on- the embarrassing light that shows I'm not all perfect like I previously thought only a mere day ago.

You see at the end of yesterday I was flustered. It was hectic. There were wasps in my room (but that's another post for another decade) and I had a packed room full of eighteen year-olds full of energy and angst . In the middle of the lesson I realized there was a desk empty, but I had marked all students present.


Teacher of the year award. I expect it in the mail soon.

Now to level with you, this happens on occasion.  All I have to do is quickly shoot a message to the secretary and she kindly gets on the computer and changes the data to match what's in my room. I just had to let her know that I had marked my student present when she was NOT here.

No problem.

So I quickly e-mailed the secretary with one hand, while answering a question over my desk, while keeping my eye on the class.

And they say there's no such thing as multi-tasking. Ha!

I felt proud.  Smug even. I had caught my mistake. It would be fixed quickly.

But UNLIKE usual, the secretary did not immediately write me back. That was odd. Unusual even.

But it all made sense today when I saw what was in that e-mail.

This is what I had sent to the secretary the day before:

                Dear ******,
               I’m sorry. I totally marked ***** ******* absent and she IS NOT here.

Her response made more sense with that in mind.

              That is exactly what you’re supposed to do. (lol)

And on that note, I am closing down shop for the weekend!!

Farewell friends.


Vaya con Dios.

May you be smarter than me and half as chipper,


Kerri said...

I have done stuff very similar when sending an email -- my fingers type one thing when my mind thinks another. :)

Enjoy the weekend!

The Reeds said...

I'm glad I'm not alone Kerri! I felt like a real dunce! :)

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