September 9, 2010


And the invisible gold star goes to: April! You are the spell check queen!

Thanks for noting my Doogie Poo.. I was overly focused on the poo aspect. I was talking on the phone with my wonderful sister in law and I was saying how a man taking a woman to Hooters on a date would be a huge insult and mistake.

She said, "To where?"

"Hooters..." I said, "Why?"

My sis-in-law said, "Are you saying Pooters?"

In fact, I was NOT saying Pooters.  Though a restaurant named Pooters would also be a horrible place to take a date.. or to eat. Though their hiring qualifications could make for interesting discussion.

For all Mac users I have a severe warning... I got injured on the job. A pencil didn't fly through the air and peg me during a great lesson. I didn't pass out while reading aloud. But I got BURNT by my Mac.

Macs get hot. Real hot. Like a tamale. They shouldn't be put on your lap while you work because that would be a bad idea and it would make your legs get red and hot.

Who would do that?

And you especially shouldn't sit cross legged with your unplugged mac pressed against your plump little knees.

And when your plump little knee gets red and hot and burns... Please don't SCRATCH it. Because the skin will.. well.. I hate to tell you but you will be skinless where you scratch.

But who would do that?


If you'll excuse me now- I have to go and nurse my wound.

Yours pooter-liciously,


Brandon and April said...

awwww *blush* thanks for my gold star! :)

Trying to figure out what Pooters would even serve. yeeeeks. lets not go there.

kristi said...

I have totally been burned by my mac too! umm... multiple times... not sure I learned my lesson yet... love the commentary though. Missed you on monday! I think it might be fro yo time again.

The Reeds said...

Fro Yo forever! I didn't even contemplate that I could get burnt again.. I assumed it was a freak accident... Hmmm!! And a Pooters menu would be as diverse as.. well... You know.

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