September 19, 2010

Light in the Darkness

You're the God of my days,
King of my nights...

Sometimes our nights overtake us when we least expect them.

And we feel utterly alone and hopeless.

The truth is there, somewhere beneath a layer of murky fog. But it seems so far away.

In our sorrow, we know the truth, and believe in it, a savior that knows us personally and called us by name, but it is very hard to feel it.

When there is no corporate worship. Only silence.

No encouragement. Only demands.

We can feel like cracked cisterns. Dry and abandoned.

Being immersed in worship today my heart wandered back to a dry and lonely place.

He is the God of my days...

But also the King of my nights.

In the darkness he is there. And he rules.  Even in the darkness

Your darkest hour.

He Rules. He is aware.

Even in my sorrow, when I feel abandoned- he is sovereign. He. is. sovereign.

Lord of my laughter,
Sovereign in sorrow...

During worship like this, my heart fills with understanding, peace and love and the cracks flow with water.

I weep.

Oh, to hold on to this joy even when the night comes again. When sorrow is sure to visit for long periods...

To remember even then that He is my God. He is the King. And He is sovereign. Forever.


Brittany said...

I so relate with this post Georgia! I have felt this way many nights lately- laying awake thinking about all the things we are going to miss, all the things we need to do, and will do in the future... at times like these I need to be reminded that He is the God of our nights. Thanks for this reminder. :) Love this song... love our King!

Jen said...

Yes, I love that! He is KING OF OUR NIGHTS! Praise God!

Laura said...

Thanks for this post Georgia. My little boy, Pedro died on Monday the 20th, he was 14. He drowned in a pond and they didn't find his precious body for three days. I was in the US but able to make it back to Mozambique in time for his funeral. I feel shattered and like I buried my heart with him.
I particularly related to the line that said something to the effect that our faith knows he is with us but we don't feel it. That is exactly what I have shared with people. Thanks for sharing this. Laura

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