September 30, 2010

Happier than you think

Today I was talking with a student in the hallway during passing period.

Me: Hey _____, Bob and Jan* say hi.

(I of course have taken the liberty of fabricating these names so the innocent are spared!)

We often stand and joke with this student between these classes. We make silly puns and see who can greet the most people that pass by. For the most part, he laughs wholeheartedly at me and my colleague. He says we're awesome/crazy/strange (depending on the day).. but I assumed it's because he's a natural at literature and finding great symbolism, and therefore felt a strange kindred spirit with us...

Student: How do you know Bob and Jan?!

Me: Remember? I'm in a small group with them at my church.

Student: Oh yeah!

Me: Well, they said to give you a huge hello and that they just think the world of you!

Student: That's so sweet!

Me: They're pretty great people! I love them. You have to cling to the keepers! Don't let those good people go.

Student: Yeah. That's for sure!

Me (as I'm walking into my room): So, anyway, I'm going to go work. Remember that they said hi and that they think you're pretty great!!

Student: Thanks Mrs. R. I appreciate you too...

When I got back into my room I had to reassess what had just happened...

What a mature statement.

I appreciate you.

And those little words lit up my day.

Isn't it crazy how quickly we can forget the power our words have? A kind word, or truth spoken into someone's life can make a huge difference.

One student saying, "I appreciate you" totally blindsided me and built me up.

Salary doesn't make teaching worth it, but comments like those do.

Sometimes our words can make people's jobs/days/ relationships all seem worth it.

When was the last time someone said they appreciated you?

When was the last time you said you appreciated someone?

Have I told you guys how awesome ALL of you are lately?

Well, you are!

 Now go enjoy your Friday- and that's an order!


I KNEW coffee made me happy.

I think I'll make a Starbucks run tomorrow....And I bet I'll be smiling!


Amanda said...

We had a conversation about this at work one day. Where I'm from, when you do something for someone, we say "I appreciate IT" but I've noticed down here folks say "I appreciate YOU" in the same instances. It seems like a minute difference, but really its a huge change in the meaning of the phrase. I must say, I prefer the Texan version.

The Reeds said...

That's an interesting point! I guess deep down all we want is to be really heard and appreciated for our efforts...

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