September 1, 2010

Diary of a caffeinated English teacher

(Originally written and forgotten about the week before school started)

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm out of ways to procrastinate.

Guess I really have to work now.

I'm currently vacillating between extreme excitement and waves of positive thoughts and downright despair. Will I be prepared? Will I bring out the best in my students? This will be the best year yet. I can't wait to get in a routine and get started. Will I sleep tonight?

We had a webinar with a lovely woman from New England this week. She was describing a new product on the computer to our department. This woman unknowingly used the term "My Tutor" fifty times when describing the MY TUTOR part of the program.

I know what you're thinking and it's okay
. Normally "My tutor" wouldn't be funny for me either.

But when you're moderately sleep deprived and overwhelmed, and a New Englander keeps making comments like, "Your students are just going to looove my tutor." "My tutor can do so many amazing things." and "My tutor can be made invisible to the students, but first let's take a moment to really look at the form of my tutor." You get tickled. And when one colleague gets tickled and begins to laugh to the point of tears silently as a woman continues talking about her tutor in the background.. Well... All hope of productivity is pretty much lost.

Don't take your tutor too seriously,

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