September 7, 2010

Dear First Year Teacher

 Fuzz says, "Relaaaax!"
My first year teaching I was stressed in the morning before lessons, running around like a harried chipmunk. My calm and collected colleague who had taught for years sauntered up beside me. He leaned over at the copier and said smoothly, "Want to know something?" I still remember the copier blinking and roaring away.

He said, "Even teachers of many years get stressed before lessons and feel like they're doing it for the first time."


He smiled. "Really."

It meant a lot to me.

Dear first year teacher,

I know it's crazy and overwhelming. For all the hours you're putting in you think you should get the same props as a brain surgeon. And in a way, it is similar isn't it?

Altering someone's mind.

But it does get better. Next year. Next semester. It gets better.

On the other hand, when you have to teach a new class/grade level/ "system" or move to a new school- you're a new teacher all over again. Nerves and all. Even ten years later.

Sure you'll have techniques under your belt... Be able to read students better and not push their buttons and not let them push yours. Your classroom management will be better with each passing year, but a first year is a first year.

But it gets better.. and better.. and better. Til you really see why you chose to do it in the first place.

So hang in there, and know that even older teachers are new teachers with each new class that comes in.

Now go rock that classroom! Fuzz says you'll do GREAT!

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