September 26, 2010

Blue Bloom

Happy Weekend Everyone!!
Gratuitous Capital Letters All Around!

Today I ventured north for a little photography workshop by Jana. Bloom was a lot of fun and I learned a lot! Thanks Jana!

I took a lot of pictures and I may post some later... Stay tuned.

Here's a fellow "student" practicing outside. 
I finally got my head around:
and, shutter speed

At last!

I've lived in this part of the world for most of my life. But when we were returning home we had to pull over and go back to Amarillo for something... That's when we saw it.  The strangest thing ever on the side of the road.

Huge legs.. Huge orange legs.

It was like a nightmare from that muppet nursery cartoon that used to come on where all you ever saw of "Nanny" was her stockinged feet.

I shudder.

Upon closer inspection there was the strangest "historical marker" that made no sense.

We were baffled. I ever knocked on the side of this thing to see if it wasn't foam.

 But it's concrete.. as in, purposefully put there.

It says that Percy Bysshe Shelly and Mary Wolstencraft stopped here and were inspired to write Ozymandias while on their horseback tour of the West.

I really looked for hidden cameras.

When cars passed I think I had to fight my urge not to duck and hide.

This HAD to be a joke.

And in the end- it is! By the same man that did the infamous Cadillac ranch!

So who says there's not massive amounts of culture in West Texas?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Brandon and April said...

I drive by those horrid legs just about every day. Never realized there was a fake "hysterical marker" out there. And yes that same man, a menace to society, just might be the biggest mistake ever made by amarillo! YIKES!

Bekah Schaub said...

I think that's the same guy who sells or pays people
(or perhaps people even pay... ha!) to have truly hokey street signs on their property that says stuff like, "EGG YOLK" or they have a picture of a green mermaid. And I believe it's they same guy who tried to make the "floating mesa." Oddness abounds...

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