August 13, 2010

Uganda Trip 4- Around Town

Big Joja and little Joja!! A first.
(The first baby named after me! Tubo and Carrie gave their little girl the name "Joja" after me, for one of her names. What an honor!!)

 Around town... While in Kaabong- our main focus was to encourage our missionary friends and to spend time with kj we had built relationships with in the past. Chris on the other hand was a mover and a shaker! Karamoja can be a little overwhelming on your own, especially at first.

Not knowing how to handle begging, how to reply to a multitude of requests etc. can make things tricky.

But Chris surprised us all with his eagerness to get out in the community on his own!  Even Mary was impressed!

He had a football (soccer ball) that he carried along and he was a magnet of fun and relationships. He went with Tom, Jean and Ryan out to one of our storying centers, Lopelipel, to meet and story.

In the meantime, back at base, we visited. And visited. And visited. Our first visitor was Isayah. He is much weaker now, but still hugged us and tried to lift us off the ground. It was very touching. Then he immediately looked at me firmly and demanded I go in and make him chai (tea). Then he smiled. At least Isayah learned the trick of how to soften a demand. Surprisingly that little smile works. Smile not shown here. :)

I’m just going to post some pictures for friends of people we saw. They are greeting everyone else they have ever met (almost!).
All of the mzungus.  Jacob, Chris, Ryan, Laura, Terrill, Amber, Jean and Tom in Kaabong.
 Baby Cheref all grown up! Cheref was named after a friend from MedAir who helped the family out at the time of his birth. Isn't he a character?!
 All of the Lonyas.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the very flattering picture of me, Georgia. :)


The Reeds said...

I hoped you wouldn't notice!! It's the only one you were in... Sorry. Now get away from that gunfire!

Jennie said...

thanks for the pictures!!! WOW, can't believe how big the Lonya kids are!! So good to see everyone...missing it there, noi!

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