August 13, 2010

Stephen Sponsorhip

This is Stephen.

Stephen is a great student and has overcome great odds to complete secondary (high school) in Kaabong. He was voted as the one of two students from Kaabong to get a scholarship to pay for his entire tuition at Kampala International University. But he doesn't have enough money to pay the 400,000 Ugandan shillings a term for housing and "other fees" (as stated by KIU).

He also just happens to be the oldest sons of one of our great storying center leaders out in the villages. He is Loyep's son.

He was kindly and respectfully asking for our help.

But we had none to give.

I promised to take his picture and share it with the other people on our team to see who else could help. The 400,000 shillings that he needs per term is a little over $200.

He needed it by the beginning of August. I made a promise. Looking at this picture I fear it's too late and that I broke that promise.

I feel awful....

I've never posted something like this on the blog and don't know if it's right or wrong.

But today I don't care.

I broke a promise and I'm going to throw this out there and see if I can make it right.


Rachel said...

I sent you a facebook message about this.

Jay and Amy said...

I am loving these posts about your trip. Not for superficial reasons, but becuase God is teaching me so much through them, about who I am, who we are as his hands and feet.
One lesson has been very significant, it came from your post, Can a skirt fill my stomach. Would you mind if I use the story to tell what God has taught me on my blog? I will, of course, refer back to your post, so my readers can get the whole story.
Thank you for sharing!

The Reeds said...

Of course Amy. No doubt.

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