August 2, 2010


We took a team of awesome people from our church to Uganda and left the biggest portion in Kampala to do the difficult job of seeking out the Karamajong there and surveying them.

Note the "shoes" at the top of that picture. They got a lot of attention. Rightfully so.

We then headed up to Kaabong via a small aircraft and our friends at Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Kaabong actually resembles West Texas. Scrub. Semi arid. Dry.

Visiting our friends in the villages and in Kaabong town was a beautiful blessing.

But also heartbreaking.

No harvest for three years. Cows raided and granaries long empty. Homes looted.

Our team meanwhile had a great time. It was an amazing visit and there are a plethora of stories. But for now-these few images only.

Sleep tight friends,

1 comment:

Jay and Amy said...

I've been patiently waiting to hear all about your trip, and see your beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. My heart is blessed.
I pray your readjustment to home is smooth and easy.

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