August 28, 2010

An Ode to a Weekend

Oh Weekend..
How is it you're more beautiful to me during the school year? You're almost like a little trip to Hawaii every five days. Almost.

On the way home from work I stopped and got a mini-blizzard. Like maybe it will make me a little less fat than a bigger one would.  Maybe.

We ate Chic Filet and actually went out to a movie. SALT was pretty good! Spy movies are neutral ground that we're both happy with going to watch. And while I'm not typically a huge Jolie fan, I thought she did a wonderful job. I did long to throw a twinkie her way a time or two, and worried that she would collapse from the exertion of all that punching and kicking.. But alas, she held up and I'm proud of her for that. Way to go Angie. I got you a mini-blizzard and if you don't come to claim it in the next hour I will be forced to eat it myself... Just watch me.

I do recommend it. (Watching the movie AND eating the blizzard).  (Source).

And oh weekend, there are few things more beautiful than you.. But the three day weekend looming in my future outdoes you every time.

On Friday after lunch I teased one class that I couldn't possibly smell bad enough for them all to sit at the back. One boy sat very quietly as the students in the back giggled about my joke and moved up.  Then the boy softly said in a, well-since-you-brought-it-up kind of way, "It does smell kind of funny in here.... Like a lasagna."

I realized that my stinky lunch was actually lingering in the air and the poor guy thought it was me! I had to point out that I eat my lunch in my room  and that I don't wear eu de lasagna perfume.

Enjoy your weekend friends.

Here's to hours with the ones you love.  Eat it up,


Christi said...

Amen to the weekend! Love them! Can't wait for Labor Day.

The Reeds said...

Me either!!

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