August 27, 2010


Heard in the classroom.

Teacher: What do you think 'concur' means? (Pointing at the word on the board).
Girl 1: Um Miss, Don't you mean 'conquer', like they conquered the enemy?
Teacher: No... It's concur. Conquer is with a q.
Girl 1: Oh.
Teacher: Concur means to agree.
Boy 1: Wait! You mean to tell me that if a guy says, "I'm going to kill you!" and I say, "I concur" it means I agree!??!
Teacher: ...Yes...
Boy 1: Ah man...


Rachel said...

Here's my vocabulary story:

Me: "Before the advent of credit, 'afford' meant you had enough cash to buy something. In modern America, 'afford' means that you can convince a bank to give you enough money to buy something."

(side discussion occurs between two ELL students...)

Me: Do you guys have a question?

Student: "I don't understand what you are talking about. I thought "afford" was a pickup truck."

The Reeds said...

That's funny! We loved that story!

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