August 31, 2010

Diary of an English Teacher: 3

Today we did some reading. Sophomores.. Me... and a book.

I was focusing on the importance of footnotes. ALWAYS read the footnotes!

To reiterate my point I told of a story where the footnote explained what a "Mzungu" was. I pointed out that you had to read that footnote to understand.

"This story took place in Africa," I said. "When I was in Africa people called me Mzungu all the time. They would even run from whatever they were doing to point at me and come around me and shout 'Mzungu'! What do you think it means?"

Without pause the first boy genuinely and way too excitedly said, "Weirdo!"
Followed quickly by the second boy who said, "Psycho!"

It wouldn't have been so bad except that they were thrilled to think they might be right.

"No! Stop guessing! Mzungu means forgiegner.. I was called a foreigner."

Geesh. Ask a question and get an answer.

Another class was talking about storytelling quotes. One student said that he liked the quote that said life is its own fairytale.

"Why?" I asked.

"Cuz life IS better than a fairytale! I've lived through things Dr. Seuss couldn't even write!"

And... I lost the class to rolling laughter. Mainly my own.

In un-English Teacher news I started the Perspectives class last night. Jeff Lewis spoke and it was good. I'm excited to learn and be challenged.

Hasta pastas,


Kendall said...

I've always had an inner desire to be a high school English teacher, so these posts are cracking me up and making me reconsider my career path!

Brandon and April said...

Dr. Seuss is totally my favorite fairy tale writer.

Jay and Amy said...

Is it Perspectives, the missions class? We took that about 6 or 7 years ago. It was very good.

The Reeds said...

Amy, That's what it is. I'm excited!

Bekah Schaub said...

That fairy tale quote is amazing. It makes me have hope in younger generations... ;)

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