August 18, 2010

Back to Duty

Prepare for some brazen immaturity and some very good and happy news.
It's what I do best.

I am happy to report that my jeans no longer smell like fish (that much). And only a little fish smell keeps the mystery alive in daily transaction. People assume something is wonky with the plumbing.
Not you.

School is back and in action. Going over protocol this week I got tickled about "Code Browns". "Code Browns" are quite serious. They are actually about bombs. The kind people use to hurt others, not a term of toilet humor. They are no joking matter. Seriously..

But they do make me want to giggle and make jokes about another kind of Code Brown. One that is more geared toward the likings of twelve year old boys who giggle when people toot.  I won't because I'm mature and that would be wrong.  I am pledging to not joke about "Code Browns" with my students.

I won't lie and say it will be easy. After all, it's my duty.

In an effort to change the awkward topic and to redeem myself, I'm leaving you with a picture I took this summer of a peaceful place. A beautiful sun-filled nook for quiet reading.
On behalf of all the teachers in the world- we will miss you quiet sun-filled nooks. Til we meet again ten months down the road...

On a wonderful and peaceful note- we have sponsorship for Stephen Kamar! Thank you guys so much!!

Stephen will be able to go to university. This is truly a life changing opportunity for him and I'm so grateful.

It reminds me of what a phenomenal opportunity students in the United States have with free education. It is not something to take lightly... I hope I can be a conduit of inspiration and empowerment for them this year.  

Here's to being positive about all of the duties life throws our way.

Farewell peaceful summer. Hello school!


Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

Hey, I was thinking about you! I went to this great teaching workshop that I thought you might like! Have you heard of Rick Morris? He does seminars on classroom management. He uses sound cues to prompt his students to get papers passed out, line up,pack up for the next period, start their warm up, end the warm up, and plays music during work time. You can check him out at I can't wait to try some of his ideas this week! Have a good first week of school!

The Reeds said...

Thanks Jennifer! I'll check him out.

Anonymous said...

Are Code Browns your duty, or your doody?

The Reeds said...

Ooh! Good question. Deep thoughts. :)

jarcarhar said...

I just literally laughed out loud! Code Brown! Love it! (in a non-bomb-loving sort of way, of course!)

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