August 31, 2010


(Originally written and forgotten about in January)

For my early twenties I took each wonderful birthday as it came. I relished each one because they meant I was one year closer to being taken more seriously by the world. I was an adult, if for no other reason than the number.

Then I turned 28 and I realized it was no longer a laughing matter. I realized I was actually being taken a little too seriously by the world.  I was now really counted on to do things (like taxes, and life altering decisions...)  So I began a little habit of creating mottoes for the year. Really, I didn't start it, but the wonderful MedAir team and Don and Paula Cribbs who all threw a surprise birthday party for me in Kaabong started it. It was one little sign made with markers that said, "Great at 28".

I hung that little sign in my closet and clung to it. When life was a bit down, and I felt I was actually being taken too seriously, I clung to my motto, "Great at 28!"

The next year was also spent in Uganda and the motto came quite naturally, "Fine at 29!" Of course. Last year, we were in the states with a mortgage and 6 am wake up calls. I was really stretching for some birthday spirit and went with "Flirty at 30".

Well... This year I'm motto-less.   Right now all I have to think of is, "31. Just do it."

Even I don't know what that means.  Suggestions? New motto ideas?


Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

As I approach my 31st I think I will take your motto too. Not looking forward to it.

Abby said...

How about "31 is still just as fun"

ashley said...

or, "31 isn't near as fun... as 28." has a nice ring to it.

The Reeds said...

I never thought 31 would be tough, but it's not near as fun as being in your twenties.

Thank you sincerely,
Debbie Downer

Jay and Amy said...

31 gets it done, with lots of fun.
32 don't be blue, much to do! That one was for me.

Jennie said...

31 I've gotta run! That's for the accountability of your most recent posts :) LOVE

The Reeds said...

31 Gotta Run.. I should have known Kaabong would have given me great advice!!

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