July 14, 2010

Parks, Pad Thai and Coffee-Mmm

Parks, Pad Thai and Coffee-Mmm


How One Spoonful of YogHURT Sent Me Over the Wisdom Toothless Edge


The Day I Became a Walking Encyclopedia and Bored My Only Readers to Tears (You Dear Adorable People...) 

 Now where were we??  After a long almost 20 hour drive, and six states later, I arrived in Lousiville, Kentucky one week before the wedding and one hour after the lingerie shower started!

Interesting Louisville facts

1. How to say Louisville  (It's Loouhuvull!)
2.  It has about 1.4 million pop
3. In 2000 the official population was a little over 250,000!! Go here to find out why.
4. It was named after King Louis XVI
5.   Some very cool people live in Louisville. 

I had the wonderful experience of staying with some of these precious people... AND living right by Cherokee Park.

It. Was. Amazing.

Interesting Fact: Cherokee Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the SAME designer of Central Park.

Insert statue of turtles upchucking neath a chubby cherub in Cherokee Park. Check.

To get up and walk or run here everyday was such a blessing, all turtles aside.

I went out for an hour at a time and never even burned, because the trail and loop were so well shaded.

Louisville also has super cool coffee houses.  

Caption:  Adorable bridesmaid enjoys scone and delicious coffee before frantically searching for unity candle and ring bearer pillow while hand making programs.

We ate authentic Cuban, Vietnamese and we visited Simply Thai at least three times.... So... Good...

Then the best part... People!

No amount of good food or beautiful scenery can compare with friends, fellowship and a beautiful wedding.
Possible captions: The whitest one wears red.. or Bridesmaids with sass (and sun in their eyes)!

I can't wait to share the wedding with you!

For now, what you really came here to know... I'm only half the chipmunk I once was.

Just in the nick of time too. I was really starting to develop a complex while out in public.  I think everyone keeps staring at my right cheek...

I was seriously considering busting out the stink eye. But... thought better of it.

I never thought I would see the day- but one more spoonful of yoghurt may just send me over the wisdom-toothless edge.

Til Later,

Did you know?
Yogurt is the common U.S. spelling.
Yoghurt/Yogurt are used equally in the U.K.
Yoghurt is common in Australia.

That explains the red-dotted lines! (I'm sticking with the "h" spelling since I developed a now souring love  of yogHurt overseas.) Ooh la la!


Lindsey said...

Hey walking encyclopedia--have you read The Know-it-All, by A.J. Jacobs?

The Reeds said...

I haven't! Should I?

Lindsey said...

Yeah, maybe. It's this (rather sarcastic) guy who decides to read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica. He takes lots of notes while he goes through and so tells you some of the stuff he found most interesting from all of it.

The Reeds said...

That sounds like it could be interesting! Thanks.

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