July 10, 2010

Needle Pokes x 6

It's been years since I've been under IV sedation.  Getting my wisdom tooth out, I got sedated.  I came home and took some pain meds and slept solidly for five hours.

I got up and began to eat some yoghurt so I could take more pain meds as my jaw was screaming at me.

Jacob was standing by me, thank God, when I dropped the cup and passed out. I remember none of it.

The next thing I knew I was laying on the carpet with paramedics around me and I was vomitting, and crying, and hyperventilating. My hands and feet were numb.

In total, I got poked with needles six times yesterday. We stayed at the Emergency Room for five hours, as I slowly became more lucid.

In the end, I was fine. They told us to go and to not let me get up so quickly next time. So you can bet I'm moving nice and slowly today!!

Just keeping you updated!

I have loads of pictures from my friends gorgeous wedding and my refreshing stay in Louisville. But... That will have to wait until I feel normal again!


Mike and Emily said...

Girl, you have had a time with that tooth! I hope it's all better today. I was laughign on your previous blogs about you singing to the nurses. love it! And that's crazy your experience here was so much worse than in Africa. Ironic isn't it? Take care!

Jay and Amy said...

How scary! I was throwing up after having my wisdom teeth out too, but I was only 15, so my mom didn't let me out of bed for a while.
I'm so sorry you've had a hard time, but I really love the picture!
oh, and send your mom over and tell her to participate in the conversation! I really love to get garage saling tips!

Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

Glad you are okay! And back... I missed you!

Christi said...

Oh my goodness, what an ordeal! Take it easy and get some rest. Hope you feel better soon!

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