July 11, 2010

Louisville Roadtrip

As I convalesce and hope to be healed up enough to go to Africa, I will take the opportunity to tell you about my gnarly, cool, totally rad and like awesome road trip.

My beautiful friend was getting married in Louisville, Kentucky. I wanted to have a car while there and I'm a sucker for roadtrips so I googled my plan.

18 hours one way. Sweet!

To prepare for my road trip I did what any normal person would do:
1. framed pictures

2. mulched the garden

3. got my tires rotated.
4. Hosted beautiful friends from church (Note the framed pictures in the background!)

Because I feared I would never make it back perhaps?
I stayed with some gracious friends in Oklahoma City but all I got was this moon picture!
Next time I'll do better!  I promise they're beautiful people with three beautiful children.

The road there was beautiful. 

I have to admit that I am that person taking pictures of the sky while they speed down the road.

Admitting your problem is the first step.

You've got to at least give me that.

West Texas view:

Missouri view:

Then I stayed at a hotel in St. Louis, where, I have to admit, the highlight of my time was HGTV...

Now, each day I had gotten off to a late start and wasn't feeling up to par... But I'll explain that part of the story tomorrow...

Hope you're having an enjoyable weekend! My icepack and I are having a grand ole time!

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