July 9, 2010

Loopiness, sedation and swelling- Oh My!

Well hello dear friends!!

I'm baaaaaack!

Today I'm writing in a half loopy state. It's a first for me. Promise.

This morning I got my first wisdom tooth taken out in the U.S. of A. And it's my last wisdom tooth to be taken out.

What a different experience!

My first wisdom tooth got taken out in a modest if anything, dentist office in Prague. The woman spoke no English and felt too uncomfortable to try and really understand my halting Czech. She lay a blue cloth over my face and looked annoyed when I asked for pain killers. She sawed and sweated and took breaks. I was awake of course the whole time- holding my breath and praying, as she said things like, "Dear God this is bad..."

At last she pulled the blue sheet off of my face and showed me the tooth- sawed in half- with roots that were outurned like confused fishing hooks. No wonder she looked dishevelled and sweaty. I don't think she wanted to ever see me again.

I was given no advice other than not to smoke for an hour after surgery. Check.

So I sucked on straws and forced myself straight into a miserable dry socket.

And my lip and chin were numb for months, but the final cost with all x-rays and even initial visits was something like $45 dollars.

Then in Kaabong I began to feel bad. Swollen gums.. Headaches.. and I knew it couldnt' be ignored.

One morning Jacob said, "If it's not better by noon we'll look into heading south."

By 11 we had thrown two backpacks with essentials together, locked up our house and clomped to the dusty road and threw our thumbs out... just praying a car, any car, would be leaving Kaabong on that day.

Then a shiny blue government car pulled up and said he would take us. I've never seen a car fly that fast. It was scary. But we made Mbale in record time and shockingly, a public taxi was sitting half full at 9pm when we pulled up. We jumped out of one car and into the other and... it took off.

It really was a miracle.

In record time we hit Kampala, jumped on bodas, and reached a place for the night.

The next day I went to the dentist the U.S. embassy recommended me: Dr. Tom. I was.... hesitant to say the least.

Jacob prayed for me and encouraged me and sat by me in the room as Dr. Tom joked and poked and said, "Okay, when should we take these things out? Next week?"

"Oh Dr. Tom- we can't wait that long..."

He smiled knowingly and said, "Come back in half an hour."

We went and gorged on a huge breakfast, came back and within 20 minutes he had easily popped both out. He was talking the whole time and joking me and Jacob and had me convinced he was barely working on the first. Then all at once he said, "Done!"

I was amazed. I would go to Dr. Tom for any procedure now!

Enter America.

That last wisdom tooth was showing its effort to enter the world. I visited a dentist. He said I would have to be sedated for sure. They told me not to eat "rich" the day before or breakfast. I had to sign waivers, and was hooked up to heart monitors. I was given oxygen and Jacob of course was not allowed to sit on a little stool in the corner and joke the doctor throughout the procedure. It was a very different experience.

The nurse told me I sang Phil Collins to them while they worked and that at the height of my loopiness, as I kept commenting that the equipment overhead was expanding, I apparently told the group that in fact, "This would be the BEST time for me to start my artwork."


I've always wondered when the best time to start my artwork would be... and now I just have to figure out what my artwork is!

I'm excited to recount to you the wonderful time away I had and the excruciating pain it left me in.. But that is for another day!

Have a great day friends!


Stace said...

Welcome back! I'm glad to be reading your blog. Hope you recover quickly.


ashley said...

love this story! I am truly lol'ing at my store!
when I had my wisdom teeth pulled I cried before I started and cried when I came out of sedation. and I apparently told the nurses, "I'm usually a lot prettier than this" and felt dan's phone vibrating on his hip and asked why his penis was vibrating. loudly. ecchhh. I hate sedation. glad you are almost out of the loopiness

The Reeds said...

Oh my word! That's funny Ashley. It's good to know I'm not alone!

Anonymous said...

This is so hilarious! You had been talking about your artwork with me too when you stopped in on your way home from the wedding. Phil Collins? Hmmm ... I wonder what song:-) love BA

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