July 15, 2010

Long Time Gone. The first leg of a multi-legged trip.

I've been packing like a maniac. Little bottles of shampoo and conditioner, bags upon bags of beef jerkey and spices (all treasured once you're up in Karamoja). I've also been packing for our children... Our fur babies if you will. They're going to grandma and grandpa's house to stay! So I'm leaving a few days early to drive north to deposit the children safely.

I guess I'm packed and ready to travel. My shingles are in check.. Oh I haven't told you about those yet? That's because I STILL haven't gotten to blogging the wedding of my friend Rahel either... Agh! Life is speeding at me!

Needless to say. I got shingles. At a wedding. And they were visible while in my bridesmaid dress. Lovely.

Then I got my wisdom tooth out and ended up in the emergency room. Lovlier.

Then I realized I should have scheduled the extraction for at least two weeks BEFORE flying. NOT seven days. Loveliest.

So I'm asking for a little prayer here... please pray that I have no sinus pain or any bizarre and unexpected side effects from the air pressure. And as always, please pray we are kept safe from sickness or danger.


And I promise to get to that wedding as soon as I get back!
Shingle-less and shakin' it,


Christi said...

Shingles--Been there, done that, they're awful! SO glad they are gone before your trip! I'll pray your trip will go well and that you'll all be healthy.

Mike and Emily said...

girl...you have had a time lately! I will CERTAINYLY be praying for you and your trip.
Take care,

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