July 12, 2010

Grrrr-eat new rules around the casa!

Good afternoon to you!

I have been spending a lot of time here, in my new overstuffed chair. Playing sudoku and trying to figure out life's mysteries.

I'll let you know when I get anywhere with the mystery bit.

I'd always wanted an overstuffed chair and when I saw this marked down at a consignment store I was all but giddy with excitement.

It's not even my style. But once you sink into it, you know it's a match!

I dressed it up with some mismatched things from World Market to make it have some Flare. Ah. Love it!

With this wisdom tooth, some bone had to be sawed (off? Out?) so the healing is taking longer than with my others.

While I've been healing from this surgery I've been watching a lot of this.... and I'm ready to rule!

Our precious Daisy Bell is only precious to us...

She's a real pill for the rest of the world. We've taught her tricks, she's obedient, and I used Cesar's tactics to teach her to walk on linoleum (a huge fear for her)- but being friendly isn't her "thing".

So we've implemented some new rules!

 We've posted these at all of our doors and made them colorful. After Daisy is calm with people around, they can offer her treats for doing tricks.

People bending over to talk to her or reaching for her is what makes her super anxious and scared/defensive.  We hope this works!
Well, I'm going to continue looking like the Michelin Man for the day. I think being swollen from a wisdom tooth extraction and trying on clothes in department stores may motivate anyone to lose weight...  Gah!

Here's to being Alpha!


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