June 21, 2010

"Tiger Drive-In" Wolfforth: Local YUM Review!

Tiger Drive-In, Wolfforth

It's time for another local review, in which I introduce you to some finger-lickin' good food you had no idea about. You can thank me later. 

This weekend we went for a hot walk at a local track and as we drove home we went by this cute little drive in. We had heard it had new owners (who we know!) and wanted to give it a fresh shot. Boy am I glad we did!

Location! Location! Location!

This cute little cafe is right across from a Frenship school. If you work at Frenship then this should be your go to place!!

Great snacks, breakfast burritos, cokes and more. It's really an awesome surprise!!

Anyone up for a Challenge?!
They have a great challenge where if you eat all of this huge hot burger you get it all free and either way you get your picture up on a wall of shame or a wall of fame.. Fun!

And... they have breakfasts!! For the summer only they open later, but during the school year it's a 7am stop off or even earlier! Yessss please. Yes indeed.

Now onto what really matters: the food! J ordered the "Gryder" Fried Buffalo Chicken. Oh my yum... This was crazy good. My photo doesn't do it justice.. Trust me. I don't joke about good food.

And these fries were sooo good. It was enough for us to share. The only thing that would have made these fries better is if they would have been sweet potato fries. Mmmmm....

I had "Alyssa's Grilled Chicken Wrap", with light Italian dressing. Oh dear.. this was beyond my expectations. All freshly made, nothing frozen. I'm going again tomorrow for it. And maybe the day after that. You may have to stage an intervention. But please don't.
Fried Pickles?!
The variety is unbelievable!
Fried jalapenos, fried pickles, cheese sticks, quesadillas, Jamaican jerk chicken, BLT, milk shakes and more!! And.. deliveries are available.

So if you're in the area and want some fresh, old fashioned drive through fare then give the Tiger Drive-In a go. You will be happy.. very very happy! Trust me.

Losing the battle with my midsection and loving it,

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