June 22, 2010

Sweet Surrender: Realization #2

If our hearts are changed, really changed, then we will desire to please God rather than to please people.

I was listening to the New Testament in my car at the beginning of my road trip. I was in the book of Romans when the above verse came through. I pushed rewind. A changed heart... seeks to please God... not people. I rewound again and again.

A changed heart... seeks to please God... not people.

As my friend and I talked late into the night, this topic naturally came up.  Avoiding conflict isn't always "being nice" or "good" but rather seeks to please people or ourselves and leaves valuable truths unsaid.  Seeking to glorify God isn't always the path of least resistance or the most peaceful. Sometimes it requires swallowing our pride and speaking the truth in love. That can be scary.

Who do I seek to please? Man or God?

But it's so hard Lord! What if so-and-so doesn't like me anymore? What if they get angry with me?

Frankly, what tends to happen is my annoyance with said person doesn't go away. They continue on oblivious to my issue while I simmer ready to blow. I may give it over to the Lord for a while only to quit when the situation doesn't change.

Don't mind me Lord! I had given this to you, but I'm just going to pick it up again and sneak back out if you don't mind.

And the seed of unhappiness grows and festers all because you didn't speak the truth in love.. because giving frustrations over to the Lord means leaving them there too.

I teach English. An important aspect of writing is helping students understand that you must have an audience in mind to drive your writing.

Our lives are much the same. When we forget who our true audience is, our lives lose focus. A changed heart seeks to please the Lord. He is the audience. A divided heart seeks to please man.

How might our days look differently, if we acted entirely to please the Lord?

Here's to focused days and to pleasing the One that counts,

P.S. Have any of you ever dealt with this or learned this lesson?


Jay and Amy said...

The comment about your student, having an audience to write to, and living our lives the same way!
I just need to tell you, that over the last few weeks, I stay up late to read what you've written on your blog and your comments on my blog. I have before, but it's like I have to see what you've written. It ALWAYS ministers to me so much right now. You are a wise woman, and I really appreciate you and your wisdom!
I really wish jay and I could sit down with you and Jacob and tell you guys what God is calling us to do. I think you guys would have a unique perspective, much like what we know in our hearts, but have trouble putting into words or on paper. You both think so much like we do, which is quite different than most everyone else.
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I actually had a dream that we had lunch with you guys and talked about it with you. i thought it was kinda weird, but the more I read your posts, the more I think, "we would get so much from talking with you two!"

The Reeds said...

Oh Amy, thanks so much. That comment is really encouraging and means a lot. And we totally understand about "getting it". Sometimes it feels lonely! (I mean that in so many ways). We DO need to get together. Our guest rooms are always open!!

Jay and Amy said...

Same here, if you ever need a vacay, or just want to visit, we have plenty of extra room, and beds! And lots of stuff to do around here; lakes, mountains, wildlife refuge, baby sit four kids while we go out on a date...;)
All 3 boys sleep in the same bed every night, which leaves two empty anyway!
We live in Marlow, it's in S. Oklahoma, about 45 min. north of Wichita Falls, 45 min. E. of Lawton, about an hour s. of OKC. We are right by Duncan, where Halliburton is located, if you're familiar with the big oil company. =/
Jay scheduled our first church meeting for July 11th! I'm so ready! Our struggle right now is putting together a church that is family focused and oriented (like Vodie Bauchum's if you are familiar with him), yet evangelisitic still with the lost being our priority, not ourselves.
Jay and I feel called to put this family oriented church together, but we are VERY MUCH called to the lost, which some of these families just want to do a mission trip or something for evangelism. We are struggling to figure it out, and maybe that's the point. We don't have to becuase God is creating HIS church the way HE wants it. Ha ha! Control issues coming up again!

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